Caminos de Centennial

Located on the Centenario bridge road, just a short distance from the Corredor Norte highway, Tumba Muerto avenue and AltaPlaza Mall. Over 15 thousand cars transit the area daily.

  • Two-story strip mall plaza with commercial spaces starting at 100m2 up to 800m2.
  • 27 properties/spaces, all with a private bathroom.
  • Glass and aluminum façade for all locales.
  • 2 elevators and 2 access stairways.
  • Electric plant.
  • 165 roofed parking spaces.
  • 3 specially designed units with terraces for restaurants.

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  • We have 165 parking spaces for clients.
  • 27 properties/spaces, all with a private bathroom.
  • Access elevators and stairways.
  • Loading and unloading area.
  • We have an array of restaurants and food shops.
  • Gyms and other stores nearby.
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