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    We create unique, functional and practical spaces, taking care of every detail and ensuring that we select the best construction materials and finishes, to satisfy and provide the best quality of life. We guarantee a profitable investment in properties backed by a solid, comprehensive and reliable company with the highest quality standards.

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Payment facilities

Rent with option to buy

The rent with option to buy is a formula through which a tenant can live in the house in question on a rental basis for a time stipulated in the contract and in this way everything paid goes directly to his initial payment, to the finalizing the purchase is formalized at the price previously set in your contract.

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Referral plan

As the owner of one of our apartments or houses, you now have the possibility to participate in our UDG referral program.

Understand the owner to whom you refer. An owner is a UDG client who has fulfilled, with the signing of the contract, delivered a promise of payment letter from the bank and paid the required% in each project.

Steps to follow:

– Complete the referral form
– Once the referral has been assigned, we will send both a notification email with the name of the commercial advisor who will attend it.
– The referral must not be, nor have a broker or real estate agent as an intermediary.
– The client who refers us must not have contacted the promoter previously, that is, he will not be in the promoter’s database.
– Your referrals must comply with:

– Have signed the Purchase and Sale contract
– Have delivered the Bank’s Payment Promise Letter
– Subscriber:
· Altos del parque (10%)
· Spotlight (5%)
· New West and Bosques de New West (2%)

When 100% of the conditions are met, you will receive an incentive for each referral, according to this detail:

– Altos del Parque: $2,500.00 for each referral
– Spotlight, New West: $1,000 for each referral
– Bosques de New West: $500.00 for each referral

The owner will sign a receipt of the incentive, which includes the information of both (owner and referral).

– There is no limit of referrals.

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